Supplier/Small Business Owner Interview – Danielle Marschall – Captive Design Blanks

glitter Owner Small Business Supplier

Tell us about your small business, what type of products do you offer? What is your must have item?

I opened Captive Designs Customs in July of 2020. Really enjoying the sublimation things but started to not really enjoy quality that I was getting. So started my own designing and branding for plush (elephants & bunnies) and we have Captive Designs worldwide: Australia, UK, USA and of course, Canada 😊. We started that brand at the beginning of 2021 and expanded in 2022 and started our wholesale business for Captive Designs Blanks for sublimation. We just recently just opened our epoxy line. Distributing Chunky Glitter lady’s brand as well as a very high quality epoxy brand in the United States, Tumblerpoxy. The biggest thing for us it’s not about quantity. It’s about quality. I will not carry anything that isn’t quality based.

How do you stay connected with your customers and maintain strong relationships with them?

I find it easier with customs because all my orders I design are basically for what they are wanting. Everything is very personalized, and I ask specific questions to meet their needs. We have conversations back and forth. With blanks I like to follow up with some customers to see if there is any sort of issues or anything they would like to see in stock. I like to know how shipping is. As well as the website set up. I want to make it the best and easiest for all customers to order and get it fast.

What advice would you give to someone considering starting their own small business based on your experiences?

Keep up with what is trending. Make sure you are aware of your competitors locally. Try to keep your overhead low. Customer satisfaction is your most valuable tool   If reasonable at all cost. Give your customers happy. Be confident in the product and service your selling 🙂

Where can our glitter lovers connect with you?

Our customs is


Our blanks is

What is your favourite CGC glitter or product?

Oh gosh! Ok. So, I’m a little obsessed with glitter but one of my favourite is Penelope!!! But it’s tough cuz glitter is just something that makes me happy. I’d say my least favourites are blacks lol. But my colours are rainbow. Just so very happy haha.