Small Business Owner Interview – Kim Boland – Mugs 'n stuff

glitter Small Business tumblers

How did you get started in tumbler making, and what inspired you to pursue this craft?

I started doing tumblers during covid. I was stuck at home and tired of making basic t-shirts. I saw a really cool cup online and thought you want how much? It was over $100 for crap! I sourced good suppliers for the tumblers, the *glitter* and epoxy. I've tried many companies, but Kristen and Chunky Glitter Company are the best!

Can you walk me through your creative process when designing and crafting tumblers?

My creative process is different for every tumbler, as I strive to make it personal and relevant to you. But doing the basics like sanding, base coating a similar colour goes miles!

I Google lots of images before I decide on a design. I have hand painted some of my tumblers because I just couldn't get the depth and love it needed from a stock image

What types of materials and tools do you find essential for creating high-quality tumblers?

Baby wipes and dawn power wash! Get the sticky off your hands!

Do you have a tip you want to share?

Don't give up.

99% alcohol from Sobey’s

The smart craft brand epoxy from Michael's is excellent (especially with 30-40% off coupons)

Mix mix mix! I buy my glitter then mix!

What is your favourite CGC glitter or product?

Adam! Everyone needs a perfect white!

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