Small Business Owner Interview – Karen White – Essence Bath Co.

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How did you get started in creating bath products? What inspired you to pursue this craft?

My daughters were my inspiration and how I started. They wanted bath bombs, and I didn’t want to buy them from the store with all the not so great ingredients in them so that’s when I tried and failed many times… I figured if I could make them using high quality ingredients myself and I know what exactly is in them. After many failed attempts and thousands of dollars wasted in ingredients, I finally got it to work… 7 years later here I am! I started with just plain round bath bombs and now I have a whole beautiful line of bath/ shower and body products!

Can you walk me through your creative process when designing new items?

I am always creating new bath bombs and other products..bath bombs I spend hours at a time online talking to mold makers all over the world trying to figure out what would sell.. sometimes I guess correct other times I’m very wrong and feel like I wasted a lot of money on molds that don’t sell.. but that’s the thing in this business you never know what everyone will want.

Once my molds are purchased, I then wait for delivery… delivery day is always my favourite because I can’t wait to rip open the boxes and start creating new bath bombs. Bath bombs are a 3-day process. Once I have them made, they need to dry 24 hours then I paint them using mica and 99% Isopropyl alcohol (which evaporates just leaving behind the mica) after they are all hand painted, I let them dry another 24 hours then I package them all.  Once packaged they are all then moved to my little store which I have set up in my home for people to come shop.

What types of materials and tools do you find essential for creating high-quality products?

The most useful tool is my kitchen-aide mixer which is only used to make whipped soaps and body scrubs. Bath bomb Molds are also essential in my business.  Also, high quality ingredients purchased from Canadian suppliers.

Do you have a tip you want to share? The best tip I can give is patience… making bath bombs is a big learning curve and definitely isn’t as easy as some think! Even after 7 years of running my business I still have batches that don’t work.

What is your favourite CGC glitter or product?

Ohhh, my favourite CGC product… that’s hard… I use the mica a lot (I need to order more again). I also love all the glitter and glow in the dark pigment!  I love everything! Without CGC products my products definitely wouldn’t be as pretty 🩷🥰

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