Small Business Owner Interview – Alexis Storey - Sage Creek Co.

glitter mica resin Small Business tumblers

How did you get started in tumbler making, and what inspired you to pursue this craft?

The year was 2019, I was getting married and spending so much money on custom decals and cups, after going over our wedding budget I promised myself I was going to buy a Cricut… fast forward to end of 2019, I purchased my first Cricut and after a while got bored of the standard decal on a cup. So, I googled epoxy tumblers and I have been throwing glitter around ever since!

Can you walk me through your creative process when designing and crafting tumblers?

My process it’s really just wing it, I’ll see something in my day-to-day life, or a tumbler another creator has made that inspires my creation, I usually plan out my colours accordingly, and then get to work prepping my tumbler. Sanding, painting, applying glitter or vinyl.

 What types of materials and tools do you find essential for creating high-quality tumblers?

Essential tools for me as a creator are pretty simple. protective gear (Respirator, Gloves, alcohol spray to clean any spills) but aside from that boring stuff. A really good Epoxy is essential. it’s like a tattoo the cheaper it is the more you will probably regret it. Aside from good epoxy, quality glitters, micas and inks are also top of the list. And don’t forget a good heat gun for all those pesky micro bubbles!

Do you have a tip you want to share?

My tip would be photography of product is key for selling your product, make sure you have the tools to take the best photos possible of the product you are selling!

What is your favourite CGC glitter or product?

My favourite CGC products are obviously the Glitter Alexis, and the glow powders…. I can’t get enough of the glow powders!