Cave Concoctions

We know you love a good custom mix, now we want to give you a chance to be more involved, while having some fun and getting some behind the scenes looks here at Chunky Glitter Company (CGC).

Choose 4 colours below and I will mix equal parts to create your 1 oz mix live.

Want to add little more surprise and a chance to win a prize?

Substitute 1 or more of your colour choices with a WHEEL SPIN and see what the Wheel has in store for you.  At the beginning of each live event we will draw to fill the wheel, spots will include glitter colours to be mixed in or prizes including tapes, foils, micas and more. If you spin prize you will get another spin to spin for a colour.

Your mix will be sent to you in a resealable bag with the recipe for easy re-order. Your mix may even make it into our Monthly Subscription Boxes and eventually wind up in the custom mix section of our website.

The mix colour choices will vary from time to time based on stock levels. At the beginning of each live event, we will draw to see which glitters are being added to the wheel for that event.

*You may add 1 or more Cave Concoctions or other items to any order but please note the entire order will ship after the mixing event.

To keep things moving, I will mix your custom mix in the order it is in the line up even if you are not available to watch during live mixing. 

Please double check your glitter choices are correct before completing your purchase all sales are final. We may cancel this program at any time.