Small Business Owner Interview – Colleen Cairney - The Casting Sisters

glitter mica Small Business

How did you get started in crafting, and what inspired you to pursue crafting? What types of products do you make?

I started crafting for Christmas when I was a teenager. I liked the idea of giving something personal instead of buying something. I started out with candles during my teenage years. Currently I'm doing resin crafting with molds. I make dragon's, bears, various keychains, crown, family birthday wall hanger, etc. I'm also working on a t-shirt blanket.

Can you walk me through your creative process when designing and creating?

Depending what I make depends on the creative process. I get inspiration from holidays, life my customers, and the CGC page on FB. When my customers ask for a colour, I refer them to CGC's website so they can pick and choose which products they want in their custom order. I love Halloween too, so I try to make some things look that way. But I also like the beautiful colors from CGC which inspires me to get molds like unicorn's, bears etc.

What types of materials and tools do you find essential for creating high-quality projects?

First is a good resin. I have tried many resins and found one company that makes the best resin in my opinion. I order from New Classic, I use the Table Top and Art resin. Measuring cups are a must have. Coffee stir sticks or craft stix for mixing and pouring. Bathroom cups for mixing. A heat gun to blow out bubbles. Good quality glitter, glow powder, mica, paint, tapes, and foils. I have tested out many kinds of glitter and they’re not all the same. At first, I was discouraged by the glitter falling to the bottom, then I found CGC and the glitter hugs the resin and works beautifully. Gloves are essential too. Tried many types and found an inexpensive way to get gloves, for 4 dollars I can get sandwich making gloves from Dollar Rama. A leveling table. Contact paper for drips and spills, I love that our Glittery Godmother gave us the tip for contact paper. When it gets messy then you take it off and put down a fresh new one.

Do you have a tip you want to share?

Let your resin thicken after you put the glitter in for about 5-6 minutes (it will depend on your resin's work time). Then blow out the bubbles with your heat gun before you start pouring.

What is your favourite CGC glitter or product?

My favorite glitter is Colleen, Ruby and Archie tie for second. I love the glow powders.